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My Areas of Practice

Family Law/Domestic Relations

I believe in helping individuals make educated, efficient and cost-effective decisions when faced with familial and custodial changes.


Resolute and determined to advocate on a client’s behalf, I believe that each attorney-client relationship requires a different approach. Therefore, I carefully manage my case-load to ensure personalized care, flexibility, and the capacity to respond swiftly to arising issues. Read more here.


Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an automobile accident? Please click here for additional information, and my 7 Tips for the Recently Injured.


Traffic Tickets

I handle minor traffic tickets, including both moving and non-moving violations.


Contract Review/Contract Dispute

Please contact me if you are in need of a contract review, or embroiled in a contract dispute.


Consumer Law

Many consumer issues can be dealt with by a clear, concise demand letter sent from an attorney's office. This fairly easy, low-cost measure often produces a just result. Please call to discuss your particular issue.


Do you have questions about my services?

Colorado clients, please contact me at +1 303 359-0025 or via my contact form.

Connecticut clients, please contact me at +1 860 417-8374 or via my contact form.


Do you have legal insurance through your workplace? I am a provider attorney on several such services, including


Learn how legal insurance provides affordable access to legal help.

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