Fees and Costs

Please call to discuss your issue and potential fees and costs involved. We believe you will be impressed by our reasonable fees.


If at all possible, I will provide you with an estimate of my fees. I normally require a retainer to get started, which I will use to pay fees and costs in your case. By law, client retainers must be held in a trust account separate from the law firm's general account, until the fees are earned or the costs are incurred.


I will provide you with periodic statements describing work performed and costs incurred to date, and inform you of the amount remaining in your retainer.


I am willing to discuss payment plans. I do accept credit cards.


Contingency Fees

Virtually all of my personal injury cases are on a contingency fee. This means that I am not paid a fee for my time unless I recover from the defendant in a settlement or trial. I am paid a percentage of that recovery. The client remains responsible for costs involved in the case, including filing fees, depositions, expert witnesses, and other out of pocket costs. The client is responsible for costs regardless of the outcome of the case.


All other types of work, including domestic, are performed on an hourly basis.


Amount of Retainer

The amount of the retainer involved varies depending on the type and complexity of your case.


Free 30-minute Consultation

I believe a client is entitled to interview attorneys in an attempt to find a good fit – for free. I am happy to provide a free 30 minute consultation.


While I cannot give you legal advice before you become a client, we can have a general discussion at the initial consultation discussing the law, my fees, the anticipated time frame for the case, your goals and expectations, and an overview of the legal process involved.

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